About me

After studying law at the Faculty of Versailles and art history at the Ecole du Louvre, I graduated as graphic designer at the Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard (Belgium), with a specialization in print sector.

From that moment, I worked as a freelance graphic designer with various clients. In the same time, I held a full time job as graphic designer / laser operator at Gobos Factory. After the CSD, I left for a six-month mission in Vietnam, as part of an NGO called SPIN – VNCPC.

Returned to France, I always exercise as freelance and currently have the position of art director in the Agence Kervert, a communication agency.

{ Professional experiences }

The agency is working principally for national defence & industry. We work on print media, creation of events, exhibitions, communication’s strategy. I’m directing the print division, and collaborating with my coworkers on multimedia projects.

A very rich experience in Vietnam! Creation of layouts, logos for the small companies & cooperatives in our partnership with UNIDO, catalogue for the Lifestyle Exhibition in Ho Chi Minh, and illustrations for print media…

Creation of vectorial designs, adaptation and redesign of customer files, manufacturing gobos with a laser machine, business management with customers, communications officer of the company.

Creation of layouts, logos, corporate identities, and illustrations for print media, creation of websites in WordPress & Joomla CMS.

Company internship : layouts, printings, creation of print and web advertisings, illustrations, redesign of the corporate visual identity guideline.

Voluntary creation of a website to promote the association.

Creation of a photographic database : tree, sorting, and editing. Creation of photographic montages, illustrating the activities of the company.

Secretariat, creation of an interactive presentation of the division.

Preparation and participation in international shows : Eurosatory (France) and Farnborough (England). Organization of a reception at the Grand Palais Museum : cocktail and private tour of the exhibition « La Force de l’Art. »

Preparation and participation in the Paris Air Show. Organization of a reception at the Centre Pompidou : cocktail and private tour of the exhibition « Big Bang ».


{ Education }


{ Skills }